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Our Team

Clinical Director


Individuals, Couples, & Families

Jeff is the founder and Clinical Director at RCS. He expertly helps individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and addiction find a path to healing. He also provides Biblical Counseling and works with couples around issues of addiction, infidelity, and conflict. 



Individuals & Couples

Colleen specializes in working with Veterans and issues related to depression, anxiety and PTSD.  She also works with individuals and couples in areas related to communication, family of origin issues, codependency, abuse, trauma, family systems and forgiveness.


Individuals & Couples

Angela helps people seek healing and growth in the face of anxiety, depression, life transitions, and challenging relationships dynamics. She specializes in working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and with women seeking meaning and identity in the context of motherhood and life changes. She also works with couples experiencing disconnection, conflict, or infidelity and creates space for emotional and relational healing.

Individuals, Couples, & Families

Nancy works with people of all ages and circumstances and supports them in reaching greater health and wellness, and developing a new-found respect for themselves and the value of their being. She is particularly passionate about working with youth as they navigate current stressors and cultural challenges, and offers a compassionate space in which to seek clarity and healing.


Individuals, Couples, & Families

Phil works with individuals and couples to help them heal from emotional wounds, solve current emotional and relationship problems, and recover from dysfunctional patterns and addictions. He creates space to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship from which to achieve growth and to experience more satisfying and meaning-filled living.


Individuals, Children, Youth, & Families

Ashley provides a safe space for children, youth, and families to work through a variety of challenges faced at home, school, and other areas of life. She focuses on caring for the whole person while inviting them to explore their thoughts and emotions and to develop skills to achieve their goals and improve their wellbeing. 

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