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Angela Johnston

Individuals & Couples

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I help people in all stages of life find healing and growth in the face of anxiety, depression, challenging relationships, and life transitions. I am especially passionate about supporting women who are striving to cope, discover their identities and find belonging in the context of a new place, a challenging relationship, a new city or culture, or the challenges of motherhood. 

I also work with couples experiencing disconnection, conflict, addiction, or infidelity and create space for emotional and relational healing. I help couples unravel deeply rooted patterns of interaction, work to heal emotional wounds, and strive to build a more healthy, deeply connected, and fulfilling relationship. I also do premarital work with couples and help them identify strengths, address areas of difficulty, and develop skills for a healthy relationship.

I do these things through a variety of approaches. I believe having a safe and trusting relationship with clients is essential, so one of my first priorities is to connect with

people and honor their experiences. I also work from a holistic perspective, so I look at all aspects of clients’ lives - body, mind, emotions, spirit, and relationships. I believe change happens by experiencing problems differently, gaining new perspective, and strengthening relationships, so during sessions I ask questions, facilitate exploration, and share reflections to facilitate this. I’m trained in the Gottman Method as well as Emotion Focused Therapy, both of which are scientifically based, and I integrate these with other approaches in my work with couples. I also offer the Prepare/Enrich and SYMBIS relationship assessments as tools in premarital counseling.

I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University, but before landing in Washington I spent much of my life growing up and traveling overseas. I speak Spanish almost as well as I speak English, and I have a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, beliefs, and experiences. Now that I’ve settled in the Seattle area, my favorite days are spent walking forested trails with my husband and kids, helping out in our schools and community, singing and playing music, and dreaming up our next adventure.

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